12 Personal ♥ Messages From Us To You

12 Personal ♥ Messages From Us To You


Just know, dear one, that you are surrounded by friends who understand what a divorce feels like. Whether it’s a divorce or a separation, we’ve been there. Our messages are exactly what we would have written to our past selves, during crucial times of transition. You see, we all eventually come out of this stronger, braver, richer, more joyful and we know you will also!

Let’s come together just as we are and set sails for renewal and excitement! Enjoy our tiny letters that hopefully inspire you to take action for yourself by writing your own message. You can start by asking yourself: “What would I say to a friend that is experiencing exactly what I am experiencing now?”

So, here we go:

Cristina: “I believe YOU hold the key to a joyful life and also the power to see that every challenging experience is, in fact, a chance for renewal – your renewal. The moment you choose to see that, you are in the process of loving yourself. And when you love yourself first, life will take care of the rest. I deeply comprehend that loneliness can sometimes disrupt the view, so I want you to know that you are not alone. And to truly feel it! So thank YOU for showing up for yourself.”

Alex: “You are love because you come from love. How beautiful is that?! Forgetting this or maybe never really having been aware of it is a result of old ways of functioning, believing and societal constructs that don’t really serve your highest good. It disconnects you from your truth instead. This is also the main reason why our relationships don’t seem to work the way they could. We, as a team, are here to serve love, listen, hold space and support you to remember your truth – to align with it, overcome whatever doesn’t serve you in your life anymore and give birth to a better version of yourself. Your time is now!”

Elena: „Everything starts with you. You are the universe – having a human experience. Expressing the All through a unique facet. You are here to feel, not to shy away from feeling. Relating to yourself is the foundation of all relating to all and everyone else. We are here to assist you in the deeper comprehending of yourself through various angles, and to inspire and empower you in building this foundation strong and healthy.“

Pablo: “I acknowledge you for all that you are and for seeking the way to fully embrace where you are at. Ultimately, truly healing. You are brave, you are loved and so got this! I look forward to sharing with you. Thank you.”

Shankari: “Remember you are in fact an infinite immortal being of light having a human experience. Everything else is the venue and programming you chose for your own evolution. Pushing yourself is never helpful. Blaming yourself or others – not helpful either, but letting go, giving up the old to make way for the new is indeed helpful. Choose a way out. Agree that you can be happy once again and take action for the purpose of joy. You are worth it! I love to inspire people who have become disempowered through the process of a divorce. Destabilizing and immobilizing breaking up can also be a window into a whole new world.”

Imam: “I’ve been through divorce, so I have compassion and understand how it feels. Still, we can live happy and free, so no more time for sadness.”

Colleen: “I am beyond excited for you! This is YOUR time. Your revival. Your homecoming. Your rising. Your chance for EPIC expansion into your magnificent fullness.”

Kadek: “I want to help you to discover love, happiness and harmony in life. With and through magical moments in beautiful Bali. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Om Shanti!”

Ramiro: “Rather than asking why you should bother cooking for yourself, try reframing your vision: If looking after yourself is an essential act of kindness, cooking is as rewarding and meaningful as any other self-care experience.”

Tahlia: “Feel pride and love at this very moment. Take pride in your vulnerability. You are allowed to feel the waves of discomfort that flow through you during this time. I encourage you to love yourself more than you ever have, and to treat yourself like your own best friend.”

Ruy: “Personally, the fact of allowing myself to have creative moments in solitude, in any of the areas of art, brings fulfillment. To translate the essence of the five elements into objects is my mission to inspire you and to kindle and enhance your own creativity.”

Sam: “It’s not just YOU! It’s US and there are many people out there having this separation experience. I know it’s easier said than done, but seeing what we can do rather than what we can’t, will give us more strength. We surely feel that what happens to us is the worst. Let’s open our eyes, there are people out there having even worse experiences. You are your own healer. Have faith, You deserve happiness.”

Join us for a transformational journey in Bali! ♥

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