Cristina is the Founder of our Youniverse Revival community. Her mission is to redefine the sense of purpose in people’s lives during a painful process of separation and to provide a supportive environment for transformational experiences, through 9-days retreats and online sessions. She is a social butterfly, who loves to discover new things, connect people and together with her team, lovingly commits to take you on a healing and transformational journey back to yourself.

Cristina was born 33 years ago. She set up big dreams for herself at an early age and moved through life with unwavering enthusiasm. Her first time traveling was at the age of 15, when she obtained a scholarship from Wales High School, UK. That’s when she began to learn how to “feel at home away from home” and developed her curiosity towards traveling and discovering new cultures.

Cristina had her first job as a TV news reporter when she was 18 while studying television journalism. She started her first business already during her third year of study in University – a lifestyle monthly publication and events agency in Romania – that she managed for 4 years.

Then she felt the desire to expand her professional horizon and travel the world in a bid of understanding the global business environment, which at the age of 25 was her professional aspiration. She spent the following 7 years working for a corporate enterprise that involved consultancy for CEOs and Governmental officials, in over thirty countries all across SE Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America and was promoted at the age of 29 by her former company, to manage teams and projects, as a Regional Director.


Why Youniverse Revival? It all started when…

The concept was born deep inside of her when she herself moved through a divorce after 10 years of sharing life with her former partner, and in the following period walked into redefining her sense of self and realizing that the impact of separation on one’s life is huge. It can either be the beginning of a joyful new chapter, or, as it happened in the case of her own parents, it can truly break one into pieces.

Cristina lost her mother to suicide when she was 12, during a painful process of divorce from her father. While going through her own divorce, she dove deep into the theme of separation, that showed to have tremendous impacts on her own journey through life. Supporting others to overcome the demanding challenges that separation brings, turned into purpose. 

After her own divorce experience, she understood, that what seemed to be a dramatic change of scenery, was, in fact, a blessing in disguise. “When I thought I’m experiencing the worst, time proved that it was the best thing that could have happened. I was given the chance to get to know myself at a deeper level and as a result, redefine who I am. Shortly after this, I met my beloved partner and allowed life to surprise me. I now choose to trust Universe’s ways of bringing all that I have to experience, in order to grow brighter every day.”

What determined Cristina to create Youniverse Revival community other than finding joy after her own divorce experience, was re-watching an old video of her mother from a family gathering – her last recorded memory – looked at the date and realized that her mother was exactly her age when she decided to take her life.

Her mom seemed to be utterly happy on screen, but was deeply broken within and could not imagine life without her soon-to-be former husband and father of her two children, which led to depression and determined her to see suicide as the only way to end her profound suffering. 

“That event has impacted me throughout my entire life and having gone through a divorce myself after being with my former husband for 10 years, I got to discover how I could finally do something for others, since I was way too young to be a pillar of support for my mom or to even understand what was happening to her in those moments.” 

Cristina strongly felt that it was time to devote herself to this purpose, as there is nothing in the world that could be more meaningful.

She resigned her management position while being based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and took a plane to the island of the Gods, Bali, to create Youniverse Revival. Her vision is to revive the sense of purpose into people’s lives globally, cultivate more self-worth that grows naturally into self-love, and give a new meaning to life after separation.

“Instead of calling it separation, we can choose to name it completion. Completion of an old chapter that creates space for a new beginning, more meaningful than ever before. I believe we’re all a bit wiser now than we were yesterday and so, we can create new meaningful experiences by choosing to learn and shine more after every single challenge.”

My message to you, dear one:
“I believe YOU hold the key to a joyful life and also the power to see that every challenging experience is, in fact, a chance to renewal – your renewal. The moment you choose to see that, you are in the process of truly loving yourself, and when you love yourself first, life will take care of the rest. I deeply comprehend that loneliness can sometimes disrupt the view, so I want you to know that you are not alone. And to truly feel it! So thank YOU for showing up for yourself.”

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