See What Happens in Our Retreat in Bali: Healing & Revival After a Breakup or Divorce

See What Happens in Our Retreat in Bali: Healing & Revival After a Breakup or Divorce

Bali, Ubud, March 19 – March 27, 2020

YOUniverse Revival team invites you to a fabulous post breakup & divorce retreat, a transformational journey on the island of Bali. Embark on a joyful “Honeymoon with Your Self” with like minded men and women from all over the world and dive into your inner ocean of miracles and possibilities. It’s time to redefine your sense of self, tap into your uniqueness and vibrantly radiate all that YOU are.


from our 9 days transformational journey

In our retreat, we shape the program with all our workshops, events and treatments around the concept of the five elements. We use the purifying power of fire and the grounding energy of earth. We work with the renewing potency of water and the ability to adapt of air. At last, we call in the life-giving spirit of ether. Thus, we redirect our focus of attention into the very essence of self-love.

We are all very familiar with the different colors of challenges and emotions that accompany separation from a loved one. Therefore we created this joyful journey for you. We want you to feel understood, held, guided, taken care of and completely at ease during your process.

You will embark on a 9 days journey of expressing, letting go, restoring your core Self. As to embrace life’s gifts and finally transform into a new you.

This all-inclusive program offers you private luxurious accommodation at resort, right behind Ubud’s famous rice terraces, transportation to and from all locations, healthy and delicious meals 3 times/day prepared by our own Argentinian retreat chef, inspiring workshops, healing practices, constant guidance, sacred ceremonies, relaxation and celebration events. All we ask of you during this journey is to enjoy yourself throughout your transformation.

And while we set up a rich program for you in a unique environment, it remains fully up to you how profoundly you desire to take part in it. Change and joy start within and so does your personal path into our YOUniverse Revival retreat. We empower you and open the door to an alchemistic process, but you are always free to choose what resonates. This retreat is made with love and among all the precious gifts that it carries, love also allows you the freedom to be yourself.

Are you ready to embark on this epic journey?

Then we are ready for you.

Your journey starts with…


Our first day together is all about releasing and shaking out of your being what no longer serves you. Rid yourself of old ways of thinking, of behavioral and emotional patterns and damaging ways of living.

With taking this courageous step, you will also take full responsibility for yourself and your life. You will regain your inner power by learning how to forgive yourself and others. You are being given the first tool to acceptance, that flows further into integrating and welcoming current changes.

We support you in creating a simple daily routine of replacing complaints with gratitude, as to allow yourself to remove blockages with each step. The natural result is that you’ll open up more and more to feel joy into your life and recognize it as your original state of being.
The day will be closed with a traditional fire ceremony.


The purifying fire burns for two days because we see it having a more passive and a more active side. The second day is dedicated to the latter.

Your time to gently start into the day with yoga before coming to express yourself inside out in this safe environment. Anything that wants to be felt, heard, seen, explored now has space to come forth. Whether it’s anger, frustration, fear, tension, pain, resentment, guilt, shame – anything that has been ignored for a while or for long, can now be perceived and released into the light of day. In the process, you will realize what has been blocking you from being fulfilled. Which then easily leads to dissolving and clearing the path for the following steps.

We end this day in the spirit of Fire with a cacao ceremony. A guided meditation will open your senses further, before indulging into a conscious party in the heart of nature. Be free to shake your body, to dance yourself away or to simply immerse in soulful conversations with like-hearted ones.


At this day the Water will begin to flow into your experience. Cleansing the rests of the release from the previous days, washing you pure. Let your remains of negative or disturbing emotions flow with a Balinese cleansing ceremony at an ancient water temple. A holy waterfall, sacred site hidden from tourists. Surrender into the old ritual as to make use of its power, washing your soul clean.

Feeling fresh and renewed, now you finally have the opportunity to powerfully reconnect with your inner child. In the following, access its innate creativity. Choose your colors and paint with us! Wildly, freely, gently, fiercely – whatever naturally shows up for you. We share one big canvas for all to interact and interconnect our creative flow.

Learn about the power of your intuitive guidance and how to listen to it. Express your creative self fearlessly. There are no rules but to respect and encourage one another’s flowing into expression and have fun with it.


The day after the break. The perfect ground to dive into more subtle levels. Get to know the power of the Air element, the wind, the sound, the breath. Be guided through various breathing techniques, tap into your parasympathetic system and train your brain to relax, even among distractions. Learn to utilize the power of your connection to life, your breath.

In the afternoon, fall into ease and the power of healing vibration through sound therapy. Specially designed frequencies restore and harmonize your morphogenetic fields. Release stress, anxiety, pain, depression, to find peace and silence within and the eternal inner smile.


Begin this day moving into pausing. Discover the beauty of a simple morning walk in nature. Enjoy a nourishing picnic with the group, followed up by a sunny recharge amidst sand and ocean. You’ll have this whole day to enjoy at the beach.


The previous liberation invites into grounding on this day. We get in touch with mother nature, who nourishes us throughout our earthly lives. Get in touch with Earth and deeply comprehend to extract joy from simple things. Breathe life when touching the ground. Feel the pulse of the earth and its soothing rhythm. Set new intentions to blossom into your life while planting seeds, and understand the importance of giving back to nature.

Later on, you’ll be invited to enjoy a guided meditation, sitting on river rocks. It will lead you into the deep peace that you naturally carry within your core.

After sunset, listen to and share stories in our men’s and women’s circles. We’ll hold them during three evenings throughout the retreat.


This day offers you a mirror. A mirror of profound self-reflection. Drop all resistance and let yourself be seen in your entire uniqueness. Open your heart and allow people to express what they appreciate about you, during an insightful workshop with the group. Receive. Accept and embrace all that you are in all your known facets and enhance your self-confidence. Now it’s time to give yourself permission to grow, practice and cultivate more self-love.

Finally tap into activating your passion, your calling, your purpose – discover or re-discover your unique place within the web of life and go deeper into your unlimited potential. We will call out your personal meaning and anchor it with you.


The final day of our uniting has come. The day of celebration.

Spend quality relaxation time with yourself, get pampered with personal care treatments and massage. All will prepare you for the evening celebration.

Now that you have reached the peak of this transformational journey, it is time to celebrate a new beginning – together with all the participants and retreat facilitators.

We will close this day and this journey at sunset with an ancient Agnihotra fire ceremony. Later followed by a party in a paradisiacal location. High vibes music, delicious food, and open hearts will make you company throughout the evening. You may laugh, dance, hug and talk about your impressions and shifts.

During all of this voyage within and through yourself, we are here to hold space for you to explore and heal yourself. We want you to come fully alive in your universe. We care for you expressing your truth, calling your soul into your heart and senses.

Feeling like you want to embark on the journey? Contact us and let’s begin. This is the first small step towards your heart opening experience: retreats@youniverserevival.com


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