Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Trying

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Trying

Often enough when we’d like to try something that we aren’t used to, something new, we get hung up in the sensation of fear kicking in with the unknown aspects of the endeavor. And before we even make the first step we already give up.

Doubts, uncertainty and not knowing how to halts us in our tracks. What we forget is that the most important is to start. The rest we’ll learn while walking the path, step by step. In that sense, we simply have to try – and adjust along the way. Trying means nothing less than being willing to learn and grow. It means conquering ourselves as much as conquering the voice in our heads that makes and keeps us smaller than we are. It also means giving our potential a chance to blossom through us.


It doesn’t matter if we succeed or fail, as success and failure are mere perceptions tied to our previous conditioning. One setting out on the journey, failing a thousand times and eventually reaching their goal is succeeding, right? And probably only because all the so-called failures refined the way to success and made it possible in the first place. In that sense you can regard each failure as a little success, leading up to the final satisfaction of having figured out something you initially were curious about.

Look at kids and how they approach things: They are powered by curiosity. There is no fear of failing unless it has been implanted already at a very young age. There is only this eager joy to figure out things, to experiment, learn and experience. They also teach and demonstrate to us that trying new things is life-giving. Because with each expansion joy enters our body as our physical and energetic system stretches beyond its limitations.

That is the exhilaration of growth – which is the purpose of life, and hence it feels so grand and good. With trying and walking different paths than the known ones we allow our brain to build new connections for information and energy to flow. That equals reaching out to activating more of our potential and capacity.


Why is it important to encounter your fear and step beyond it? Because stepping into and out of your fear is bringing you the growth your soul desires.

Recognize fear as your friend as it is a sign of something new, unknown to the mind. Our mind doesn’t know how to evaluate and sort in new things, thus the first response is always fight-or-flight to identify danger. That is about it. If your fear reaches deeper, it means that there is some more complicated entanglement with beliefs and behavioral patterns going on – but nothing not to be solved.

Talk with your fear and closely observe how it changes when you turn around and embrace it, and then choose to walk with it into the unknown. What also helps is to locate fear in your body and be present with it and the sensations that it gives you. You’ll get to know yourself more intimately in the process. Lastly, use your anxious feeling as a catalyst and a transformational point. On the other side of fear, there is always expansion.

Trust life and the mechanisms of birthing, evolution, shaping, and refining. Key is to confide in your heart and its guidance and making this a priority over your reason – as long as it is clear that you are not endangered, obviously. 😉


Imagine the best possible result instead of the worst outcome. Pull it all over into fun and ease up on the seriousness – bring the breath into it. Don’t take it all too seriously. Bring laughter into your fearful moments and allow your heart to feel and breathe. After all, fear is just an emotion and lik all energy in motion it is volatile. Offer your anxious feelings (like all others) space to be there and come to witness them leaving you once they have hung around enough.

Only resisting them will keep them in place and even make them grow bigger. Loving them will release them.

Written by Elena from YOUniverse Community 

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