Get Your Free Copy of the Book! no Questions asked

Get Your Free Copy of the Book! no Questions asked

This is a serious FREE GIFT for souls that are willing to take their journey one step further.

There is this ONE BOOK that has changed my life for good, offered me a new perspective on things. I’ve read it in 2017 after my divorce and can heartfully say I was never the same person again. Went from a place of complete confusion to gaining lots of clarity on what I want, what I don’t want and so much excitement that built up every day – the ones I’ve recommended the title to so far have had similar thoughts after reading it.

I could speak about it for hours…

It is POWERFUL, it is loving, it is for the brave, it’s for the ones who wanna make a change in their lives or just expand their vision and world of possibilities. For whoever wants to read it, we’ll get you a copy right away and send it over via email in electronic format.

So if you are in for the powerful ride, just let us know. Later on, we can exchange opinions on the book too, if you like. This is a commitment for yourself, no strings attached. I truly want you to read it too because it is that important of a book!

All I will say is that it was written by a brilliant author, fabulous lady, internationally acclaimed writer of several remarkable books that are translated in many languages, but this is her MASTERPIECE!

I’ll keep it mysterious for now regarding the title. ✨

Of course, you won’t have to read it if for some reason the introduction/content won’t resonate with you or maybe you’ve even read it already. The choice is yours and yours only.

If you wonder why the title is a mystery – it’s because this is how I received it myself and I loved the way it came into my reality. I was on a long night flight next to a man from Florida who told me about the book and after listening to him I just knew I wanna read it, but when I asked for the title he smiled and said: “You will know in the morning”. When we were collecting our luggage at arrival, he pulled out the book from his suitcase and gifted me his own copy. Now it’s my turn to spread the love with the world. I know that the ones who resonate with this post are the ones who are called to read it and I’ll make sure it lands into your inbox so you can enjoy it during the weekend.

Who’s in? Just let us know you want a copy and make sure to PM us your email address. You’ll have it in 24 hours. That’s it!

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We’ll LOVE YOU for it and you’ll love us too. We only post once or twice a day, so your news feed will stay clean. You’ll just get the cherries on top of the cake from YOUniverse. 🙂

Lots of love!


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  1. Anne

    I would love a copy of your wonderful gift. I am going through some difficult decisions at the moment. Hope this book will enlighten me. Much appreciated.

  2. Yogen Kumar

    Hi, I got divorced exactly a year ago. I can’t really get over the seperation from my wife. I am highly heartbroken and can’t still really forget her. I find no hope for my future. My life has completely shatterd for real bad. I had moved to her country Germany to be with her. But for last one year I am really very very lonely. On the contrary, my wife had moved on in just ten days after our seperation. I have tried almost everything to forget her but can’t. I would love to get some help to recover for the betterment of my life.


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