STORY: How To Live With Inspiration And Excitement

STORY: How To Live With Inspiration And Excitement

How does one live an inspired life? One that is filled with joy? How can you wake up each morning excited for what that day has to bring? And go to sleep at night feeling at ease and fulfilled? 


There is nothing quite as exhilarating, nothing that makes me feel so alive as being in love. It is one of the greatest gifts this human experience has to offer.

There is an elevated vibration of being in love. Colors become more vibrant. Food tastes more delicious. The mundane turns into extraordinary. Everything is a little brighter and more alive. I even feel lighter. Beyond that, there is a feeling of security, deep fulfillment, groundedness, confidence, and happiness that real and lasting love provides.

It is possible to live in this elevated state all the time. I have felt this way in relationships, and while single. It is not dependent on anyone else. I have raised myself to this vibration, by falling in love with myself.




Well, it took a lot of commitment, patience, and most importantly understanding. First of all, it is hard to love someone you don’t know that well. While I’ve spent every day of my life with myself, I was shocked by how little I truly knew about myself. I lived in a fast-paced world, constantly on the go, with a never-ending to-do list. My modern way of living didn’t allow for a lot of downtime, time for reflection or self-inquiry.

Things shifted only when I finally did slow down, when I started to spend quality time with myself and go to classes, workshops, and retreats, that led me deeper into myself. They gave me space and permission to look into my past, my wounds, my repression, my needs, and my desires.

From there, I started to understand my own story better and got to see why I’ve done the things I’ve done, why I’ve attracted the partners I have and why I keep learning certain lessons again and again. Also, I saw where I was acting out from a hurt space and even more, where I was reacting through a defense mechanism to keep myself safe.

I saw how deep down, I was ever really longing for was love, safety, and belonging. So I began to understand why I think, feel and act the way I do and this deeper understanding was the key to my self-acceptance. It includes the shadows, the wounds, the inner child, the jealous, insecure, lazy, confused and scared side. Likewise, the part that seeks validation, the one that doesn’t trust, the one that knows better but doesn’t always do better.




Eventually, I arrived at a space where I was able to meet all aspects of myself, every emotion, every thought, every behavior with a sense of love, instead of judgement or shame. Finally, it wasn’t about changing every part of myself into love and light and bypassing the darker sides, but learning to love every part of myself.

From there my whole life shifted. Therefore, I began to view the world in another light, interact with the people on a completely different level. I started to live from a place of excitement, instead of fear; of acceptance instead of judgment; of peace instead of worry. An immense feeling of liberation came with feeling deeply held, nourished and loved by myself. I began to live a life of deep and profound celebration and from all my heart, I wish the same for you! As it all indeed starts with YOU, always.


Written by Colleen from YOUniverse Community 

More about Colleen, YOUniverse:

Colleen was born in New York. She has been living a nomadic lifestyle exploring Costa Rica, Spain, and South East Asia for the past 3-4 years.

Her nature is lively, playful and enthusiastic. She is passionate about life, embodies an adventurous spirit and has a relaxed and laid back approach to life, a self-love devotee thriving in service to others.

Colleen leads into new ways of relating – to ourselves and to others. As a lifelong student, she keeps expanding herself and her knowledge as to offer guidance and facilitating on the journey of life. She dedicates herself to helping people awaken exquisite self-love, attracting the love they desire and deepening the love they already have with thriving, vibrant, healthy and deeply satisfying relationships.  

She believes that love is the number one healing mechanism and that the quality of our relationships directly affect the quality of our lives – all beginning with how we relate to ourselves. Furthermore, she recognizes sexuality as our greatest and most underutilized tool for healing, empowerment, transformation, and creativity. 

Her work is with people on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level for a truly holistic mind-body-spirit approach to achieve deep integration and lasting transformation.

She wants to show you how to live and love from a place of fullness, how to heal the pain of separation and how to rewrite your story as to resolve former conditioning. Not at last reminding of the sacredness of this life through rituals and ceremony, Colleen cares for you to develop deep connection with yourself and with your body, showing you self-soothing and self-regulating techniques so that you can flourish once again in your joy.

Collen is certified in Reiki level 1 and as a yoga teacher. She completed a Priestess Training, studied Holistic Health Coaching for integrative nutrition and is trained in “love, relationship, and sexuality coaching techniques”.

Life, in general, makes Colleen come alive, further, anything that brings joy. Captured by a love for traveling, eating, dancing, music, being out in nature, spending time with loved ones, she lives for exploring and adventure – both inwards and outwards. Furthermore, she enjoys deep conversations, participating in and co-creating rituals and ceremonies, circling with community and reads avidly.

What Colleen desires to offer in Youniverse Revival is emotional liberation. She fully supports ALL your emotions.

In her sensing we live in a highly emotionally suppressed society, stunting our capacity to feel, the ability to accept our own emotions and to hold other people’s emotions. This leads to causing stagnation, pent up energy, stress, rigidness, disconnect from ourselves and others and keeps us from living life to the fullest, from feeling truly whole. Together with you she wants to explore your emotions and give them a safe container to be expressed fully, creating more space for self-acceptance, ease, freedom, liveliness and love.

Colleen says: “Separation is a wound we are all carrying. It comes in many forms: separation from another, separation from ourselves, separation from the whole, the universe, the divine, but when we stop and feel into it we realize that there is no true separation, just the illusion of it that causes us tremendous pain. Returning to ourselves, our infinite source of love and the greater oneness is the path to healing the pain of separation.”

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