How to Step Into Freedom

How to Step Into Freedom

Feeling free is a natural longing of us human beings. We experience it in all kinds of different shades and aspects in various situations. It belongs to the embedded need for change and evolution as a species as well as an individual. Apart from that, through feeling free we get to know that we are souls inclined to expansion in comparatively limiting physical bodies. We innately desire to fly and dance in endless possibilities.

In this shape of experience, we have the free choice of restricting ourselves or stepping out into free flow. Usually, we tend to oscillate between the two while making our way through our lifetime.


Let’s take a closer look at this. Freedom is a feeling. An intoxicating emotion of lightness, ease, fluidity, expansion, joy and unhindered breath rippling through our experience. It is life in full force if you will – touching and enchanting your system, having your body and soul alight.

Freedom also is the counterpoint to being entrapped too much in rigid patterns and habits where life is at risk of ceasing to flow. In other words, it is an inbuilt mechanism to secure bouncing back into balance and growth. And in line with this to stay alive and living.

Being free clearly shows us the common constraints of our mind, of our way of thinking. It points to our cultivated tendency of habitually locking ourselves into the same circumstances. Thus we receive the invitation to look into possibilities and our true nature, both characterized by infinity.

Freedom also is a point of view. More accurately: The result of a point of view. When we achieve looking at something in a way so that we drop all resistance towards it and rather make friends with it instead of fighting it, we become free.

Basically, freedom is freedom of the mind, the constantly running thought patterns, preconceptions of responsibilities, duties – all these things we think we have to do. It’s a mind game resulting in a range of emotion. And because of that, we have the power to play the game our own way and free ourselves.


By taking the reign of our mind’s functioning – instead of tolerating the mind including circumstances to rule us – we become free. That means that we have a choice here to either be dominated by what we have been conditioned to or to consciously achieve and practice different ways of perceiving.

If we monitor ourselves, stay in heightened awareness, and predominantly pick what we fill our brains with, we learn how to maintain a momentum that is easy for us to flow with. That, in turn, will make us feel free and easy.

Now, that sounds like an awful lot of work but actually is all is more about being instead of doing. Further, doing from a place of inspiration. Put another way, it is living through the feeling heart rather than the conceptualized mind. As the heart naturally is in tune with its surroundings, it offers us freedom if we follow it.

We go on holidays because we want to free ourselves from everyday life routines. Also, we do new things to stretch into the unknown. Then, we get to know new people to be in touch with different frames of reference and interpretations of life. We look for new ideas as to shake up our own perception. All of these are steps into freedom.


It is crucial to comprehend that we choose – for good reason – our boundaries, the frames that we want to walk in, the momentary settings and confines of our life experiences. Don’t forget that you can always reshape and change if you desire so. All of your boxes are self-made and you can hop out any time – either slowly or fast. It is solely up to you and your own realizations followed by actions.

Bear in mind though that it is the contrast giving flavor to your experience. Your soul revels in the life that happens between your personally set poles. In that sense, enjoy the richness of it and feel free within it.

Written by Elena from YOUniverse Community 

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