Interview: How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma

Interview: How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma

Today I had the great honor to interview Johanna Bassols, Founder of “Healers of the Light Academy”. We spoke about the meaning of conscious relating with a partner, Karma, the concept of resolving karmic ties through romantic relationships and her recent book, “How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma”, a wonderful gift for those who are being challenged by a painful separation or divorce.

You are a law graduate and were involved in real estate. What made you follow the path of founding “Healers of the Light Academy” and how did it all start?

To tell you the truth this was always the path, I had just forgotten it when I decided to chase the “normal” world’s dream. I had always had an interest for understanding the mind, the subconscious.

I knew there was more than just the “normal” world, and to be honest, I never fit in anyway.

When I was six years old, my interest for the subconscious world started with a dream I had, about every person having their own individual worlds, a seed was implanted or an implanted seed was activated, however you would like to see it.

Since then, I studied the mind, hypnosis, past life regressions, energy healing, NLP and metaphysics.

But it wasn’t until 2015 when I had an intense experience of consciousness that allowed me to experience who I was, and the intensity of this experience restructured my systems, my soul, body, and perception.

I was at work, having a regular day, and suddenly, everything around disappeared, I had no notion of time, I couldn’t hear, see, or sense anything. It was like if I had entered a blank page of some kind.

In that space, I found a lot of clarity. In the absence of everything else, I finally could hear my own voice.

I understood clearly that my purpose was not in what I was doing at the time, and I started writing every day for a few months.

Every day I would write something that would help me understand myself better. And although at first, it felt as if someone else was writing for me, today I understand it was me all along. I had connected my human consciousness or perception to my higher consciousness or high self.

It was a very powerful experience that didn’t allow me to look away. I had to pay attention to my purpose.

It was in my writings that I found the name “Healers of the Light” and the purpose of this academy, which it has not become what is supposed to be yet. There are many important missions to come for the academy once the first steps are taken. These first steps have to do with releasing the books that explain the process of elevation of consciousness and letting people experience the process.

How would you define a conscious relationship between partners?

I think an ideal conscious relationship, is one between two people with expanded consciousness, who can see beyond their own material needs, who are interested in the wellbeing of all, including the animals, the environment, and everything in between.

A relationship where compassion, respect, and love are the main interests. A union that expands not that restricts or incarcerates the souls of two people.

A relationship that makes the world and the entire universe better. A union that recognizes and expands the authenticity of both individuals, and which also expands the consciousness of the people around them.

The word “Karma” is so commonly known as a Universal spiritual law. What is the true meaning of karma and how can one purify negative karmic imprints? 

Karma is balance, it could be positive or negative.

To clear negative Karma you need to reestablish your true identity as consciousness and to release everything in you that made you act from any other sort of identity that is not consciousness.

If you can return to your most pure consciousness- what I call the original persona or true self-, you can restructure the identities and attachments that cause karma.

Blindness of consciousness is the reason why we create negative Karma, awareness is the way we balance it.

Your perspective on resolving karmic ties through romantic relationships

Romantic relationships are no different than any other interaction that we can have, and the way we heal karmic ties is by returning to the awareness of our original persona, the original idea of creation that gave us life, which makes us unique and authentic.

Ties only exist while you are energetically connected to someone or something, but when you return to the awareness of your true self, all those ties fade.

Your true self doesn’t recognize itself with attachments. In a conscious relationship there are no ties, there’s only freedom.

What would be your message to those who are currently going through a major change of scenery in their lives, that feels utterly debilitating?

The first thing I would tell them is to look for meaning inside themselves and not in what is happening outside. Circumstances will always change but the essence of who we are never changes.

Your true self awareness can be stimulated in various ways. I will give you a few tips from my latest book, How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma in 10 Days.

First, learn how it feels to perceive the world from your true self and not from your other identities, emotional self, or other temporary experiences you are going through, using this breathing technique:

Imagine that there is a bright white light in the center of your heart center, this is the light of the unified self. When all of your haras or energy centers unite, the unification of all their colors is white.

Now imagine that your heart center is like a sponge and when you inhale, this bright white light enters your heart center, and in the exhalation the light goes out through your solar plexus creating an circular energy field.

Breathe visualizing this motion of light at least ten times and then be still, observe yourself and your surroundings.

This feeling may only last a few seconds at first, but when you practice it constantly and when you continue developing the elevation of your consciousness, this state of awareness becomes your default state of being.

This is a powerful tool to experience the connection with yourself, and to respond to questions of the soul.

Things happen for a reason and the people that come in our lives hold valuable lessons that serve our growth. Who was the one person that had a major impact in your life so far?

My mother has been a great teacher for me. She endured Parkinson’s disease and past away in early 2017.

She has impacted my life in many ways. And now that I have the tools to know that perception is the only thing that can make an experience good or bad, I have been able to give closure to a lot of pending items that we had and to feel entirely blessed for the time we had together.

Her disease was a way of fixing a problem that she couldn’t fix on her own. She wanted more love and attention from my father, and to also make my father and I get closer. In some way the disease accomplished that, but as her health declined it was imminent that at some point, she wouldn’t be with us for much longer.

At least she got to experience what she always wanted for a short time.

And I got even more interested in healing and in understanding the emotional roots of disease.

Interview conducted by Cristina Capatina, Co-Founder YOUniverse Revival

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