Here’s what you can expect from us, every week going forward  – all exclusive free content generated by our team, on our official social media pages and on our website

  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS: we will take you deep into diverse weekly themes, for your soul to re-align to divine self-love. 
  • VIDEOS: INTERVIEWS, CONSCIOUS DISCUSSIONS + ONE-MINUTE INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGES: we’ll explore a lot of subjects together and offer new perspectives that can inspire you during this process.
  • ARTICLES AND STORIES: we will continue sharing our stories so that we can offer you insights and connect with you through authentic experiences and encourage you to share yours. There surely is a lot that we can learn from each other.
  • QUIZZES & COMICS: We are offering a series of questions to explore yourself, every week on a different insightful topic. We’re also creating weekly appearing funny illustrations, as we see value in adding a bit of humor, especially to very serious topics.
  • LIVE VIDEOS: straight from Bali, the island of love or, how many people call it, the land of Gods. You can tune in whenever you feel like.

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