We want to take a moment to welcome you to the beginning of a transformational Honeymoon with Your Self, in the company of our beautiful community, that includes conscious women and men from different corners of the world: Australia, USA, Romania, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Indonesia.

We are a team of unshakable optimists, experienced therapists, entrepreneurs, storytellers and philanthropists, dedicated to helping you regain yourself. We assist you to overcome your current struggles during a painful process of divorce from your partner. We’ve been there, we know how it can shake your world and turn it upside down. It is our pleasure to guide you on the path of becoming your true, empowered,  joyful self.

We are excited to share our stories with you, so you can get to know us on a deeper level, through our professional background – but more importantly – through our life experience.

Below you will discover our roles in the YOUniverse Revival puzzle and how we are creating together as a community. Sharing the same purpose at heart, we allow our passions to unfold into authentic online content and furthermore, into a transformational retreat program.




Cristina is the Founder of our Youniverse Revival community. Her mission is to redefine the sense of purpose in people’s lives during a painful process of divorce and to provide a supportive environment for transformational experiences, through retreats and online sessions. She is a social butterfly, who loves to discover new things, connect people and together with her team, lovingly commits to take you on a joyful honeymoon with yourself.


Cristina was born 32 years ago in a remote town in the heart of Transylvania, surrounded by majestic mountains. She set up big dreams for herself at an early age and moved through life with unwavering enthusiasm. Her first time traveling outside of the country was at the age of 15 when she obtained a scholarship from Wales High School, UK. That’s when she began to learn how to “feel at home away from home” and developed her curiosity towards traveling and discovering new cultures.

Cristina had her first job as a TV news reporter when she was 18 while studying television journalism. She started her first business already during her third year of study in university – a fashion monthly publication and events agency in Romania – that she managed for almost 4 years.

Then she felt the desire to expand her professional horizon and travel the world in a bid of understanding the global business environment, which at the age of 25 was her professional aspiration. She spent the following seven years working for a corporate enterprise that involved living and traveling in over thirty countries all across SE Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America and was promoted at the age of 29 by her former company, to manage teams and projects, as a Regional Director.

Why YOUniverse Revival? It all started when…

The concept was born deep inside of her when she herself moved through a divorce after 10 years of sharing life with her former partner, and in the following period walked into redefining her sense of self and realizing that the impact of separation on one’s life is huge. It can either be the beginning of a joyful new chapter or, as it happened in the case of her own parents, it can truly break one into pieces.

Cristina lost her mother to suicide when she was 12, during a painful process of divorce from her father. While going through her own divorce, she dove deep into the theme of separation, which showed to have tremendous impacts on her own journey through life. Supporting others to overcome the demanding challenges that separation brings, turned into purpose.

After her own divorce experience, she understood, that what seemed to be a dramatic change of scenery, was, in fact, a blessing in disguise. “When I thought I’m experiencing the worst, time proved that it was the best thing that could have happened. I was given the chance to get to know myself at a deeper level and as a result, redefine who I am. Shortly after this, I met my beloved partner and allowed life to surprise me. I now choose to trust Universe’s ways of bringing all that I have to experience, in order to grow brighter every day.”

Reaching the age of 32, Cristina watched a video of her mom from a family gathering – her last recorded memory – looked at the date and realized that her mother was exactly 32 years old when she decided to take her life.

Her mom seemed to be utterly happy on screen, but was deeply broken within and could not imagine life without her soon-to-be former husband and father of her two children, which led to depression and determined her to see suicide as the only way to end her profound suffering.

“That event has impacted me throughout my entire life and having gone through a divorce myself after being with my former husband for 10 years, I got to discover how I could finally do something for others, since I was way too young to be a pillar of support for my mom or to even understand what was happening to her in those moments.”

Cristina strongly felt that it was time to devote herself to this purpose, as there is nothing in the world that could be more meaningful.

She resigned her management position while being based in Buenos Aires and took a plane to the island of the Gods, Bali, to create YOUniverse Revival. Her vision is to revive the sense of purpose into people’s lives globally, cultivate more self-worth that grows naturally into self-love, and give a new meaning to life after separation.

“Instead of calling it separation, we can choose to name it completion. Completion of an old chapter that creates space for a new beginning, more meaningful than ever before. I believe we’re all a bit wiser now than we were yesterday and so, we can create new meaningful experiences by choosing to learn and shine more after every single challenge.”

My message to you, dear one:

I believe YOU hold the key to a joyful life and also the power to see that every challenging experience is, in fact, a chance to renewal – your renewal. The moment you choose to see that, you are in the process of truly loving yourself, and when you love yourself first, life will take care of the rest. I deeply comprehend that loneliness can sometimes disrupt the view, so I want you to know that you are not alone. And to truly feel it! So thank YOU for showing up for yourself.



Alex is guiding you to the depth of understanding the Ether or Spirit element, which represents our core essence, purity, and unlimited potential. He is available for individual support during the retreat. Apart from this, he manages the online appearance of YOUniverse Revival, takes care of the communication on our social media channels and creates insightful articles and content.


Alex was born in Sibiu, Romania and counts 31 years of age in this lifetime. He also has German lineage and lived in Germany for seven years, before starting to travel more.

At the age of 25, he experienced a sudden and profound inner transformation that changed his perspective and understanding of himself, of life and the universe as a whole completely. In the following years, his earth experience was characterized by the excitement and dedication of completely transforming his life through learning to listen to his intuition. Since then he has been committed to working on himself and being in service to facilitate a more loving, sustainable and peaceful world.

Back in Romania, Alex studied Economics, only to realize that this wasn’t what ignited his love and what he wanted to represent and express in life.

When he moved to Germany after some challenging years of trying to fit in and many life lessons learned, he began and completed studies that certified him as a Social Media Marketing Manager. He loved the link to the online world, which he considers as a gateway to unlimited information and the entire world.

Another few years with many enriching life lessons, struggles, and rock bottoms passed until Alex found what truly brings him purpose and fulfillment. He finally discovered his passion for writing and started a blog, sharing his experiences and his views on life with the world.

Alex also has a background in Holistic Health and Nutrition.

Currently, he spends his days supporting people through intuitive emotional healing, mental liberation, and self-realization counseling. Furthermore, he also works on heart-based online projects with experienced facilitators and teachers on eliciting the sharing and expression of their gifts.

Seeing us humans as cosmically intelligent beings, Alex is eager for us to learn – individually and collectively – how to tap into our intuition, our guidance system, as to access the universal information that is already encoded in our DNA. He is passionate for us to know ourselves at our very core so that we can easily embody and live at our fullest potential.

Thus, he dedicates himself to educating on this core area, igniting the processes that bring with them the unfolding of purpose in our lives.

YOUniverse Revival dropped into Alex’ life like a blessing. This project represents exactly what many times over the years he envisioned to be part of. Since it feels like a dream come true, it naturally occurs for him to passionately invest his energy into creating, serving, listening, learning and sharing – to become one with everything that this project and its heart-centered community is all about.

Alex perceives separation as his biggest lesson in this life. He was raised by his single mom while his father wasn’t present at all, because of completely denying to have a son. For Alex, this had the consequence of developing profound feelings of unworthiness – until he found his way into comprehension of this energetic pattern and therefore releasing it.

Alongside the way, he also experienced long term relationships of deep soul connection that ended through both friendly and sudden separations. Some of them left him utterly heartbroken but at the same time, with recovery, offered him the opportunity to comprehend the nature and dynamics of relating – the forming of connection between people – especially romantically.

My message to YOU, dear one:

You are love because you come from love. The universe is experiencing itself out of love and you are part of that experience. How beautiful is that?! Forgetting this or maybe never really having been aware of it is a result of old ways of functioning, believing and societal constructs that don’t really serve your highest good, disconnecting you from your truth instead. This is also the main reason why our relationships don’t seem to work the way they could. No one is to blame for that, we can just learn from our experiences and do it better next time. We, as a team, are here to serve love, listen, hold space and support you to remember your truth – to align with it, overcome whatever doesn’t serve you in your life anymore and give birth to a better version of yourself. Your time is now!



In YOUniverse Revival, Elena holds energetic space, draws weekly appearing comic strips and writes content. Moreover, she offers online counseling sessions for you to keep yourself anchored in your heart before, during and after the retreat, so that you may explore, ground and shape yourself further. On the Water element day of the retreat, she paints with you to powerfully connect you with your innate creative force.


Born in Bavaria, southern Germany, raised in Portugal, Berlin and Munich Elena has been exploring living on Madeira Island, the southern Andes of Ecuador and the tropics during the past seven years.
Her 42 years of life are filled with witnessing, listening to and facilitating life stories of different cultures while living her own, which has always been tied closely to the experiences of others.

Elena likes to fly high and dive deep. She radiates love and joy, loves to laugh and to support others in making their dreams come true, through naturally calling them into their truth and full expression.

She has consciously carried and expressed her natural gifts of artistic creation, eliciting transformation and wisdom of the shaping of the human psyche and the universe during all her life. Having deliberately experienced the emotional depth of shadow and light in intensity she works as a counsellour, artist, illustrator, and writer in different areas. She is always guided by her heart and her burning passion for seeing human beings unfold into their gifts, for calling extrasensory impressions into the beauty of art and for exploring as well as comprehending the nature of reality.

Elena intuitively designs and inks Sacred Tattoos, writes articles about realization, poetry, and lyrics, draws and paints manifold works of art as to catch ripples of the unexpressed, yet unseen. Further, she illustrates ideas and stories to capture the essence of joy for children and loves to tell stories in images – through comics, graphic novels, and intricate, layered artworks.

She dedicates a lot of her time to raising awareness about frequency, leading you back into your heart, and consciously reminds of the deep joy of being utterly alive.

She studied communication design and is certified in Reiki levels 1 and 2.

Elena loves to breathe life, to embody spirit as deeply as she can and to help others in coming alive in their truest expression. Her highest joy is to ignite joy and wholeness in another, to enable feeling and experiencing and to give from the fullness of love.

Deeply empathic and comprehending her commitment is to love, compassion, truth, and authenticity.

She sees YOUniverse Revival as such a beautiful chance for you to reconnect with yourself at depth, redefine who you want to be in this world and rise into deeply loving yourself in all your aspects. To hold space for yourself and your authentic expression of the moment. She desires for you to share the gift of your universe with the world.

She perceives the sensation of separation as a soul journey away from our Origin as to experience various aspects of Self and as an invitation to become whole again in different ways than priorly known.

Hence she would classify it as an integrative process of enrichment in sensing the variety of emotion – of energy moving through our various bodies.

„Separation is feeling disconnected from ourselves in a higher form. I want to raise awareness on how we project this onto our entire relating and offer suggestions of how we can come back into wholeness as to relate from a better feeling, rather nourishing point of view.“

All her experiences of separation she has integrated into the invitation to come home into the all of herself.

My message to YOU, dear one:

Everything starts with you. You are the universe – having a human experience. Expressing the All through a unique facet. You are here to feel, not to shy away from feeling. Relating to yourself is the foundation of all relating to all and everyone else. We are here to assist you in the deeper comprehending of yourself through various angles, and to inspire and empower you in building this foundation strong and healthy.



Pablo takes you deep into breath ceremonies during the Element of Air day at our YOUniverse Revival retreat, as to get you close to your inner worlds and uncover more of yourself. He also holds space for men's circles that are organized during three evenings at the retreat, where men gather to share, express freely and discover a positive path towards authentic masculinity and purposeful lives.


Pablo, 29 years of age is of American origin with Cuban roots. Extensive traveling for about 5 years shifted his sense of nationality and what he appears like to people, more to the universal side. He senses the world as his family and feels that he is belonging to the world, no matter where he finds himself.

Characterized by sensitivity and passion for spirit, as well as the awakening of the heart, he naturally shines a calm and grounded presence. He has a good sense of humor and devotes himself completely to inner mastery. He has an uncanny ability to sense what wants to be reconnected within and people feel remarkably safe in his presence.

Pablo is a teacher and mentor for a breathwork community called Alchemy of Breath. For three years he has been immersing in conscious relation with the founder of AOB and the team within the community. This exposure has not only been a big transformation for his personal process but it has highlighted his natural gifts. Gifts that inspire and guide what he offers and how he holds space.

Pablo works as a Breathwork Practitioner and Guide, holding Breathwork facilitator trainings and retreats around the world. He also is certified in Reiki Level 1 and as a Wataflow therapist.

In Miami, he worked in many different occupations which all lead to the big question. What am I doing this for? What is this all about? Who am I?

These questions changed his reality and brought his attention inwards. He started losing himself only to find himself exploring meditation, yoga, plant medicines, and travel. One of his greatest teachers is traveling. Furthermore, he has a background of working in hospitality and believes it helped him understand what people need and how to communicate productively.

Pablo’s heart burns for teaching and learning. He gets profoundly filled in group spaces and loves to be part of communities, wherever he finds himself. He lights up with traveling, dancing, singing, breathing and in co-creation with others.

He is passionate about healing, understanding and working within the world of our inner world. Dedicated to unraveling healing from the inside out, living and breathing life, ceremony and love.  

His involvement in our project carries the element of mystery and surprise for him. The surprise of what is going to unfold when the gatherings in the retreats are about to occur, of how the energy will be pulling him into the created space, each time in a different and totally unique way.

Ready and open to whatever shows up his way, he wants to be present with the natural unveiling of the moment.

For Pablo, concentrating on something as a divorce or separation is to focus on a clear wound we all carry from birth and continue to experience in different ways during our lives.

“What comes to me when I go into a connection with divorce/separation is a feeling in my chest to how real this is for so many and how deep it can truly go. I feel for every human that is in this space, but I’m focusing straight through to the light within. We can make it through it all, by fully trusting our inner strength and guidance.”

My message to YOU, dear one:

I acknowledge you for all that you are and for seeking the way to fully embrace where you are at. Ultimately, truly healing. You are brave, you are loved and so got this! I look forward to sharing with you. Thank you.



Shankari, known by many as Shankari the Alchemist, is opening our retreat by creating sacred space during the first Fire Element Day and support you to release old patterns, let go of any possible resentments, blame and guilt and welcome change, as to clear the way for you to easily integrate all upcoming experiences and elements.


Shankari was born 67 years ago in Australia, carrying Scottish and Japanese heritage.

She came to Bali in 1989, set up her jewelry factory and started to build her own Sanctuary, a refuge for creative spirits, nestled in the jungle of Balian Beach, west Bali.

She is not just an artist and a conscious healer, but also a philanthropist. As a humanitarian, she encounters others with compassion and patience. Life has taught her a lot in its variety of colors and so she illuminates every topic through a wise approach, naturally established by her thorough experience, knowledge, truthfulness and grounded energetic presence.

Shankari studied design in earlier days and was enrolled at the Modern Mystery School. She used to work as a Silversmith and after mastering the art of ceramic costume jewelry, became a jewelry and product designer, further is experienced as a producer and international Sales Manager. Her jewelry is designed as tools of power for the modern mystic.

Apart from that she founded and sponsors a foundation in support of Balinese traditional dance and music schools for local children. Shankari is entertaining a school for healing mosaic mandalas, teaching the art of intentional mosaic making and she also invests herself in tree farming and wooden design.

She has a fondness of history and loves to connect pieces of life’s puzzle as to observe the overall picture. She is interested in creative construction and conservation, loves textiles and carpets and sacred geometry design.

Holding and attending sacred fire ceremonies and sunset meditations fills her being with pure life force. She fervently supports expression and freedom of doubt and fear, opening the door to joy, finding joy in all things, every single moment.

Through this project, Shankari feels she can be of great value to those who have found themselves separated and in pain. Having lived a life full of adventures, love, passion but also loss, she knows from personal experience that revival is essential. Rediscovering your “joie de vivre”, your joy of living – is the greatest gift you can receive.

Shankari believes that YOUniverse Revival provides experiences that will open your heart, prepare you to be loved and love again. It all begins with yourself and your own love for you, which is the greatest love of all.

“I have been divorced three times. I have five children and thirteen grandchildren. My parents, despite not being suited to each other, NEVER divorced. Hence, as children, we grew up in a war zone. Not something I wanted to pass onto my children. So divorce was easy when I was young and has a strong sense of my own purpose.

As parents, we have great responsibility because we are instructing our children all the time by default.”

“My first two divorces were not difficult. They took place in mutual agreement, didn’t have assets to speak of and none of the two men really wanted the kids. 

The third was a doozy. It took a long time to come back to center and recover my emotional balance. So what I came to discover was that suffering is the easy choice. Recovery is the hard one. To smile and feel joy once again was the hardest battle of my life. Regret, resentment, frustration, anger, and rage all present for too long. Not good for my health. But I have healed now. I am in love again, such a romantic… Life goes on.”

My message to you, dear one:

Remember you are in fact an “infinite immortal being of light” having a human experience. Everything else is the venue and programming you chose for your own evolution. Pushing yourself is never helpful. Blaming yourself or others – not helpful either, but letting go, giving up the old to make way for the new is indeed helpful. No one else is in your shoes nor feels your pain, nor should they. Do not encourage people to feel sorry for you, because their pity adds to your self-pity and only digs your pit deeper. Instead, choose a way out. Agree that you can be happy once again and take action for the purpose of joy. You are worth it! I love to inspire people who have become disempowered through the process of a breakup. Destabilizing and immobilizing breaking up can also be a window into a whole new world.



Imam invites you into the mystery of Agni Hotra ceremony during the Fire Element day of our retreat. Furthermore, he holds powerful energetic space for you to feel safe and at peace.


Imam was born in Java, Indonesia, 33 years ago. He has Javanese and Japanese roots. One day he came to work and live in Bali and never left ever since because this island with its magical energy captured his heart completely.

He has a very soothing and grounded nature and carries himself with a silent presence, always a smile on his lips, always available for offering support and easing emotion. Gentle and open-hearted, yet appearing shy and quiet, Imam simply radiates in holding space and naturally has people around him fall into an almost hypnotic peace.

In earlier days Imam worked as a project manager for many luxury villas throughout Bali for at least a decade, gathering a lot of experience in different areas and with a variety of people of different origin.

Today he manages projects at Shankari’s Artist Sanctuary in the West of Bali.

His heart burns not just for meditation, gardening, and healing, but also for motorbikes.

If he’s not driving around the island and enjoying Bali’s lush nature he loves to assist in helping problems and ground people back into their essence.

Furthermore, he is dedicated to supporting orphans and the poor of Indonesia.

Imam feels dearly for broken hearted people going through massive life changes. As a sensitive soul, he empathizes easily and in the following offers his soothing presence to help people realign with themselves. He sees YOUniverse Revival as a unique opportunity to offer his gifts and spread the love he would like to see more alive in our world.

Saya mau tolong orang yang punya Sakit hati.   

“I want to help people who have a broken heart.”

Saya purna separti itu dan tau Jalan keluar sedi yang Benar. Kita bisar bahagia sekali lagi… Bersama 

“I have had the experience and I know how to get out from under the cloud of sadness and depression. We can be happy together.” 

Imam married very early and soon became a father. But things didn’t go well in his marriage and after some years of trying the best to keep it alive and running, the couple decided to separate and walk different paths.

He is familiar with the difficulties of making a relationship of not matching partners work and knows the pain of splitting up all too well. As he has found his way out of his darkness now he wants to shine a light for others to do the same.

My message to YOU, dear one:

Saya mau tolong orang yang sudah pisar. Kasihan karena saya faham.  Mau tolong orang hilang sedi. Jadi hidup bahagia dan bebas supaya tidak sedi lagi.

I want to help people who have separated from a partner. I have compassion and understand how they feel. You can live happy and free, so no more time for sadness.



Kadek invites you to yoga classes every morning during the retreat where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful Balinese nature in our Sanctuary, so that you can ground yourself into your body and come into a regular practice of aligning to your center.


43 years back in time Kadek was born and raised in the little village of Klungkung in the southeast of Bali, Indonesia. His life path led him to India, Thailand, and Malaysia for several years before returning to his homeland, Bali.

He is a happy, humorous person, always ready for good laughter and shows a loving, kind attitude. Driven by spreading his joy for life and wanting you to simply feel really good in your skin he offers a peaceful, centered vibration that captures instantly – his genuine joy is contagious.

Earlier in his life, Kadek studied tourism in Denpasar, Bali until his path led him to live at Gandhi Ashram in Candidasa for 7 years. Later he joined the Chinmaya Mission program in India and worked as a yoga teacher at a resort and other places for about 10 years.

Walking this path was a good chance for him to meet people from different countries and with different backgrounds which enhanced his own experiences. Kadek felt really inspired to learn many things from all the people he met along the way. It taught him that he is able to learn, grow and glow at the same time.

He is sharing his Balinese colored yoga experience for you to have the opportunity to reflect your personal life by practicing yoga as your daily routine. You will start being truly aware by living in the present.

Using the breath and getting aware of the present moment you will experience to live in harmony with body, mind, and soul.

Currently, Kadek is teaching yoga classes in Bali at different locations, in hotels, resorts, schools, orphanages, and villages around the island. He loves to serve and care for the people in his surroundings and also started a project with children, which is designed to be a wellness program for the very young ones.

He took part in several empowerment programs and learned profoundly about healing, yoga, and meditation. Apart from this, he is often involved in social-cultural events.

His dream is to travel around the world with yoga. He desires to share his experience with more people as to kindle harmony and peaceful living.

Kadek loves to share, bring and enhance happiness. He is utterly dedicated to igniting your inner smile, the radiance of your heart. Furthermore, he lights up when working with kids, providing education and teaching awareness through regular yoga practice.

Kadek is very happy to be part of our project. Helping people, connecting to the heart of beautiful souls, bringing joy as part of his service to humanity is what fulfills him deeply as he loves to help people.

Something he found while meeting a lot of people who visited this island is that Bali changes your life forever. You’ll never be the same old you again afterward and happy about this life transformation.

He loves his magical homeland, which will aid you in finding yourself as its energy guides you into the magic experience of being a part of the universe itself. Bali teaches you how to appreciate yourself, your life and the people surrounding you.

As Balinese philosophy is to live in harmony with people, nature, and God within.

Despite the difficulties that a separation brings for the splitting couple and their families, Kadek thinks that it should not be avoided if it really is for the better.
However, in the Hindu religion and Balinese culture, separation is not easily integrated and such a situation comes with a lot of challenges for the involved parties.

“Personally I think separation would not happen if the partners communicated in a harmonic, peaceful way. Married life based on friendship is ideal and respecting as well as supporting one another will lead to a harmonious life in partnership.

So it is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

Separation should never break the friendship.”

My message to YOU, dear one:

I want to help you to discover love, happiness and harmony in life. With and through magical moments in beautiful Bali. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Om Shanti!



The beginning of the retreat and the Fire Element Day is held by Colleen, to prepare you for the later receiving stages of this journey. She elicits trauma release with you through physical movement and opened communication so that you express and empty yourself of all that is no longer serving you.


Colleen came into this world in New York, 27 years ago. She has been living a nomadic lifestyle exploring Costa Rica, Spain, and South East Asia for the past 3-4 years.

Her nature is lively, playful and enthusiastic. She is passionate about life, embodies an adventurous spirit and has a relaxed and laid back approach to life, a self-love devotee thriving in service to others.

Colleen leads into new ways of relating – to ourselves and to others. As a lifelong student, she keeps expanding herself and her knowledge as to offer guidance and facilitating on the journey of life. She dedicates herself to helping people awaken exquisite self-love, attracting the love they desire and deepening the love they already have with thriving, vibrant, healthy and deeply satisfying relationships.

She believes that love is the number one healing mechanism and that the quality of our relationships directly affect the quality of our lives – all beginning with how we relate to ourselves. Furthermore, she recognizes sexuality as our greatest and most underutilized tool for healing, empowerment, transformation, and creativity. 

Her work is with people on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level for a truly holistic mind-body-spirit approach to achieve deep integration and lasting transformation.

She wants to show you how to live and love from a place of fullness, how to heal the pain of separation and how to rewrite your story as to resolve former conditioning. Not at last reminding of the sacredness of this life through rituals and ceremonies, Colleen cares for you to develop a deep connection with yourself and with your body, showing you self-soothing and self-regulating techniques so that you can flourish once again in your joy.

Collen is certified in Reiki level 1 and as a yoga teacher. She completed a Priestess Training, studied Holistic Health Coaching for integrative nutrition and is trained in “love, relationship, and sexuality coaching techniques”.

Life, in general, makes Colleen come alive, further, anything that brings joy. Captured by a love for traveling, eating, dancing, music, being out in nature, spending time with loved ones, she lives for exploring and adventure – both inwards and outwards. Furthermore, she enjoys deep conversations, participating in and co-creating rituals and ceremonies, circling with a community and reads avidly.

What Colleen desires to offer in YOUniverse Revival is emotional liberation. She fully supports ALL your emotions.

In her sensing we live in a highly emotionally suppressed society, stunting our capacity to feel, the ability to accept our own emotions and to hold other people’s emotions. This leads to causing stagnation, pent up energy, stress, rigidness, disconnect from ourselves and others and keeps us from living life to the fullest, from feeling truly whole. Together with you, she wants to explore your emotions and give them a safe container to be expressed fully, creating more space for self-acceptance, ease, freedom, liveliness, and love.

“Separation is a wound we are all carrying. It comes in many forms: separation from another, separation from ourselves, separation from the whole, the universe, the divine, but when we stop and feel into it we realize that there is no true separation, just the illusion of it that causes us tremendous pain. Returning to ourselves, our infinite source of love and the greater oneness is the path to healing the pain of separation.”


My message to YOU, dear one:

I am beyond excited for you! This is YOUR time. Your revival. Your homecoming. Your rising. Your chance for EPIC expansion into your magnificent fullness.



Rama is our Chef, conceiving culinary deliciousness for Youniverse Revival and also guiding you into the art of infusing self-love into your food while preparing it, to make sure that you nourish all your senses while savoring it.


Rama was born 34 years ago in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. He spent a year of his scholar education in England, before moving to Buenos Aires.

Always curious and perceptive, he explores possibilities in life, dedicates himself to more awareness and thus ignites that joy in others.

Remarkable about him is the way he follows his desires and interests with determination while balancing his sense of freedom.

Earlier in his life, Rama worked as a TV journalist, while at the same time discovering and exploring his real vocation for food, that he had originally been introduced to in his childhood by his beloved grandmother.

After developing the necessary background, he gave himself the chance to follow his true passion and opened his own restaurant, with the purpose of reinventing recipes and creating new delicacies. He successfully reached that dream five years ago in Buenos Aires, until 2018, when he decided to come to Southeast Asia, convinced that an undiscovered gastronomy lifestyle was awaiting him there. “This journey has been more magical than I could ever imagine”, he says.

Rama is currently dedicating himself to offering his services as a Chef and Cousine Consultant.

Rama loves to interact with groups and share kitchen knowledge that can be applied in simple and joyful ways, every day, even for those who are not too much into cooking.

Apart from that, he is constantly keen on traveling and discovering new places. His heart beats for nature, which leads to this vivid interest in agriculture and food. He enjoys music, films, design, and fashion as well – when he’s not completely captured by a testing a new recipe.

Rama sees YOUniverse Revival as the power of inspiration and transformation and relates the most to the element of fire. He connects deeply to the concept, as in his professional life, fire is the most important element, given its inherent power of transforming any collected item from earth into food.

Transformation is essential for everyone.

“Let’s be honest, the dining moment as an act in itself can be truly underestimated. When I separated from my first partner, one of the main issues was to deal with eating alone and investing the same love into serving a table for one, although I always enjoyed cooking. From then until today, I think everyone should gift themselves a beautiful moment, by preparing a dish, exactly as they would prepare it for their loved ones.”

My message to YOU, dear one:

Rather than asking why you should bother cooking for yourself, try reframing your vision: If looking after yourself is an essential act of kindness, cooking is as rewarding and meaningful as any other self-care experience.



Ruy is designing all the products for YOUniverse Revival, in respect to the five elements of life: fire, water, earth, air, ether, as to offer practical tools for you to re-align with your natural balance.


He touched this planet 38 years ago and spent his entire childhood in Curitiba, Brazil. Then moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his family.

Loving to explore different countries, cultures and artistic expressions on the planet his travels led him to South East Asia not long ago, and he was instantly captured by the beauty and magic of this fascinating region. Taking the step to move to the tropics was a natural consequence.

Ruy is characterized by his love for art and artistic expression – he observes, feels and translates outside appearances within. His photo camera is his constant companion on his trips of savoring life with all his senses. He feels captivated by the beauty of shapes and spaces and by form following function.

Back in Buenos Aires, anthropology and architecture used to be Ruy’s area of study and his main profession. However, after working for many years in designing airports, train stations, and houses, he discovered the perfect combination of all his vocations in art and photography.

With time, small spaces and work on architectural details became his major focus of attention. Since then he has devoted himself to weaving his understanding of pragmatic needs into his calling for art and design and to create energetically rich products.

His main professional quality is to understand people’s needs in life and to pull them into matter in areas of practical utility. As an artistic soul, Ruy’s passions clearly lie with architecture, art, photography, and design, which he continuously brings to expression. He also loves to read and to explore the world, to see and feel new places in depth that organically flow into his artistic expression as well as to revisit places dear to him like New York, Morocco, Vietnam, Guatemala, and Cambodia.

Apart from that, he has a sweet spot for food and continuously expands his horizons through learning new things.

He loves to spend time in the company of friends and also new people, preferably around a table with delicious food. A good conversation for him enriches moments full of joy and pleasure.

Ruy is and remains a traveler. His favorite trips are the ones with deep approaches to the inside of cultures as to comprehend and integrate their offerings. Moving around countries with means that allow him to stop and linger enables him to let his attention be called naturally as to find the enhancing pieces to his comprehension of spirit in form.

Ruy never misses out on any cultural event around him, especially related to plastic art, performing and music.

In Ruy’s comprehension of reality not only the spaces we live in end up transforming us, but also the objects that surround us. He perceives devoted respect for nature in the architecture of Asian countries and sees as well how the five elements originating from nature itself are integrated into all matters of design. He deeply feels that the natural equilibrium of air, water, earth, fire, and ether need to be consciously reflected in our daily life. Thus, in our community, he desires to emphasize the opportunity to start living in resonance with all the elements that build us. He wants to raise awareness on how to incorporate the five elements into our lives and use their power to guide us back into harmony.

“When you go through loss and separation, moments of loneliness can be very difficult. Turning them into art, creative processes of any kind, allows us to rediscover and reconnect with the parts that we did not know about ourselves and allows us to truly know ourselves.”

My message to YOU, dear one:

Personally, the fact of allowing myself to have creative moments in solitude, in any of the areas of art, brings fulfillment. To translate the essence of the five elements into objects is my mission to inspire you and to kindle and enhance your own creativity.



Tahlia is the angelic female voice of our guided meditations. Other than the soothing online journeys, she also offers live meditations during our YOUniverse Revival retreat and entertains you with live music at the final celebration event.


She was born 23 years ago and raised in Melbourne, Australia. After having booked a one-way ticket to Asia in 2017, she experienced life in new colors. It expanded her comfort zone and spirit widely since she had never traveled alone overseas before.

Tahlia has a very joyful nature. She loves making people laugh and charms everyone with her grounded confidence. She’s always up for a laugh.

Travel has elicited a big part of her personal growth, bringing her to being who she is today.

Singing and performing professionally on big stages has been part of Tahlia’s life since the age of 16. In recent years and due to the experiences in the music industry, she has shifted her focus in making music back to her core values – wanting to sing to serve others and perform from a place of healing, love, truth, and soul.

On her travels, she wasn’t the typical backpacker – but rather a houseguest living with local people. Some of them soon became like a second family to her.

She spent time in Siem Reap Cambodia with a family that changed her life forever with their loving and generous nature. All her worries and life’s problems as a 20-year-old simply did not exist any longer. Tahlia felt at one with who she was and where she was. She felt at home, although being so far away from home. She learned that home never leaves oneself. Home is only forgotten when one identifies with the problems that occur throughout one’s human experience.

Tahlia’s passion lives within serving others and doing what she loves with purpose and meaning, whether that is traveling this beautiful world, performing for people who listen or simply writing music in her own company.

What kindled her passion for travel was her drive for self-improvement and self-empowerment.

She was in the middle of an incredibly toxic relationship that she knew she had to set herself free of. She knew exactly what she had to do, but needed to realize her worth and find the courage within to do so.

Feeling honored and grateful to take part in this YOUniverse Revival project, Tahlia knows this to be the tool that will transform so many beautiful people into becoming their ultimate self. From her personal experience with separation and loss, she is aware of how alone it can feel and how low one can fall in those moments.

Tahlia experienced a turning point in Ubud, Bali, where she felt she was finally able to take her first breath after drowning in suppressed pain caused by her former relationship. Around that time, she was experiencing separation in so many areas of her life. Only months prior, she had been confronted with her parent’s divorce which showed her a pain never known before, when her relationship with her father broke and led them apart.

This was where her pain and grief were born. But eventually, she discovered that she was healing in the process of becoming a new version of herself. It was clear to her that she wanted to and had to heal in order to grow.

Guided meditations were Tahlia’s tool at the time when she was completely lost and submerged in this grief and pain of feeling so separate, yet in transformation. The mediations allowed her to hear herself. They allowed her to remember that she had never been lost and now she wants to share this precious gift with the world.

My message to YOU dear one:

Feel pride and love at this very moment. Take pride in your vulnerability. You are allowed to feel the waves of discomfort that flow through you during this time. I encourage you to love yourself more than you ever have, and to treat yourself like your own best friend.



Sam is your guide throughout the program of The Earth Element Day of our YOUniverse Revival retreat. He will plant trees with our participants, as an act of giving life to an intention that you wish to set for yourself and allow it to grow and bloom naturally into existence. Nature holds the key and while giving back to the earth, you are simply nurturing what nurtures YOU.


Sam is 37 of age. He was born in Surabaya, Eastern Java and grew up moving through many different places, two of them being Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia.

After many years of living, studying and working in Jakarta and Bandung, eventually, he came to settle in Bali and spread his gifts there.

He is a kind and humble person, centered in his own joy for living a life that is filled with happiness and sharing. The difficulties he encountered during his life have taught him to seek for the best and to transform weaknesses into strengths.

Sometimes his innate stubbornness shows up as to pave the way back into alignment through the natural fire of aggression, but usually, Sam appears calm and rather mysterious.

After studying tourism management in Bandung Sam formerly was involved in different activities with radio, magazines and property development. Taking the leap back into the tourism sector and event management, he finally shifted to working as a freelancer, consulting in the hospitality area, developing websites and offering digital marketing, including photography. He has been working for hotels, resorts and retreat centers throughout Bali and Java, Indonesia.

Sam is passionate about raising frequency into happiness, about evoking and expanding it in others and sharing it. He loves to assist people in developing their projects and at the same time giving back to Bali by investing himself in activities for dogs rescue and other volunteering projects for the island. And if his time allows, he also enjoys doing woodworking.

Sam is seeing his activity at YOUniverse Revival as a reminder for all of us – if we find ourselves in a difficult emotional situation – to know where we came from (earth). By remembering our roots and the ground we spring from we regain our ability to center ourselves and to come home. Sam wants to offer the technique of planting trees to symbolize that you are restarting your life. That you give yourself the chance to grow and to move on with a new, meaningful life by setting new intentions that will blossom.

As a father of an amazing son Sam knows the challenges of divorce when a child’s soul is involved. His own divorce started in 2014 and was finalized in 2015.

“Those were the most difficult years of my life. I didn’t worry so much about how I and my soon to be ex-wife were going to cope with it. What made me really concerned, and I ended up being very stressed out because of this, was how the separation will impact our son’s psychology.”

“I am truly blessed because with the support from my parents and my sister I could revive after I lost everything I had in my life. As an Indonesian, it’s not easy to share this kind of experience because it still considered as a disgrace if it happens.”

My message to YOU, dear one:

It’s not just YOU! It’s US, and there are many people out there having this separation experience. I know it’s easier said than done, but seeing what we can do rather than what we can’t, will give us more strength. We surely feel that what happens to us is the worst. Let’s open our eyes, there are people out there having even worse experiences. You are your own healer. Have faith, You deserve happiness.


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