Post-Divorce and Separation Counseling Sessions

Many people have gone through separation and divorce but yours is unique to you. Regardless of the reason, the dissolution of a long-term, committed relationship will disrupt your life and trigger some profound emotions: sadness, stress, self-doubt, confusion and grief.

If you are currently going through this, it is not a time to walk alone. This is the time to get additional support and resources, to build yourself strong, gain self-empowerment, and take the best steps towards recreating a fulfilled life and strong partnerships.

This is a safe environment for you to express any negative emotions or feelings and cooperate with me towards your own personal growth.

And this is why I am here.

Within difficult transitions we are the most vulnerable to making moves that do not support our highest good. How you choose to handle this period of separation will influence the rest of your life. I will guide you towards allowing this experience to be a stepping stone towards a new fulfilled chapter of your life, instead of a millstone around your neck.

You will be given the space to explore your former relationship or marriage and your true self, handle separation and focus on present and future goals, so you can truly tap into your authentic desires. We will explore the patterns of both your individual and relationship behavior, as well as find ways to be more intentional with your actions. I will be offering you practical guidance towards clearing blockages and damaging patterns and help you move forward in a way that feels good for you.

I am here to genuinely support you during this process and help you write a new fulfilling chapter in your life.





This program is perfect for you if:

  • Your challenging post-separation emotions are causing destructive thoughts and confusion
  • You are feeling lost or incomplete
  • Your past experience is controlling and determining your present moment experience
  • You’re feeling a sense separation from harmony, from loveYou are experiencing stress, self-judgment, shame, guilt, blame or resentments
  • You feel disempowered or apathetic to life
  • You fear what the future might bring



My work is:

To help you resolve and clear the pain from your past relationship and guide you towards your own version of a fully integrated being with the tools necessary to handle any situation that arises, from a place of authentic empowered choice.

  • Provide the tools you need to move on in a positive and healthy way, attain a new fulfilled life, while guiding you towards a better inner understanding on unconscious patterns that can potentially lead to future relationship failures.
  • Sort out the emotions, understand how the injuries have impacted your heart and how to heal so you can move forward with confidence, motivation and clarity.
  • I create a comfortable, safe and relaxed environment and embrace a non-blaming approach in which I view problems as separate from people. I work collaboratively with clients on face to face, group retreats and online sessions, help them write their new life chapter until they regain themselves and attain a practical realization that they are the powerful creators of their own experiences.

Ultimately our sessions will take you towards living the life you deeply desire.

About me

I am the Founder of Youniverse Revival community and Divorce recovery retreat leader (9 days retreats), based in Ubud, Bali.
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