Our Sanctuary for “Honeymoon with Your Self” retreat spreads on a hillside of tropical jungle among deep, green valleys, filled with a richness of plants and coconut palms and the typical rice fields that Ubud Bali is so famous for.

Driving through invigorating Balinese nature you will arrive at our hidden spot right behind the worldwide known Tegallalang rice terraces.

The authentic Balinese location is created and taken care of entirely by local people. They receive you with the kindness of a heart-warming smile and a friendly welcome.

Traditionally dressed, they place their enchanting flower offerings daily at the small temples and shrines across the charming location.

Throughout the day, you will find them dedicated to making you feel like home and taking utmost care of your wellbeing.

If the capturing air of this sublime jewel didn’t already do its magic on you during your first steps after arrival, the frangipani flowers gliding down from the trees, the fresh breezes carrying the spirit of freedom and the fragrance of incense blowing from the offerings, surely will.

You are going to feel like living in a sanctuary for nine nights with the separate accommodations nestled along the hillside, enticing you into a village-like atmosphere.

Our beautiful resort invites into seventeen individual en suite rooms indulging you in comfort. Upon waking up after a restful sleep in the quietude of the healing surroundings, a walk out on your balcony will present you a breathtaking jungle view, leaving you feeling even more heavenly refreshed.


On your way through the jungle valley over several staircases down to the river, you will find plenty of statues and museum antiquities dating from the 14th century to explore and admire. The artifacts tell you fascinating stories about Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage, taking you on a journey from past into present.

Discover a sacred spring water pool close to the river that is opening its blue arms for you to bathe in cold spring water, offering numerous healing benefits like clearing emotions, detoxifying your body, rejuvenating and replenishing your soul, as to mention just a few.

Close by this healing pool you are invited to visit the spring as well as the terrace flanked by gorgeous tall ferns and abide in relishing its view over the sacred Petanu River.

Allow yourself to be welcomed by the Spa and get pampered by a traditional Balinese massage in the assigned areas or at your room, if you prefer more privacy.

Returning back to your room and the main area, the big infinity pool beside the restaurant will call you to take a swim under frangipani trees and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views while being soothed by its warm spring water.

You might also want to dwell at one of the small gazebos looking out into the jungle to relax, breathe into nature and enjoy a fresh juice.

Our Sanctuary offers a variety of healthy and flavorful food to nourish you. For more details please take a virtual walk through our photo gallery, to get a visual impression and quench your curiosity.

Our Sanctuary: Alam Ubud