Discover the authentic side of Bali & the best that this sacred land has to offer, while also exploring the Universe within you.


Dear one,

Want to go on a life-changing journey, where you can heal past wounds,  let go of what no longer serves you and reinvent yourself,  but you’re not sure where to start or how to make it truly healing, joyful and authentic?



Many people have gone through delicate changes but yours is unique to you. Regardless of the reason, a period of transition can disrupt your life and trigger some profound emotions: sadness, stress, self-doubt or confusion.

If you are currently going through this, it is not a time to walk alone. This is the time to go on a joyful healing journey, get additional support and resources to build yourself strong, discover your inner joy, authentic expression and celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life.



• Your current emotions are causing destructive thoughts and confusion

• You are feeling lost or spiritually disconnected

• Your past experience is controlling or determining your present moment experience

• You’re feeling a sense of separation from harmony, from love

• You are experiencing stress, self judgment, shame, guilt, blame or resentments

• You feel disempowered or apathetic to life

• You fear what the future might bring

• You are overwhelmed with stress and need to recharge your batteries

• You want to open up to your unique gifts and live a more abundant, authentic life

But more importantly, despite all, you truly want to make a positive change for yourself.

At YOUniverse we know that each individual is unique, so your healing journey will be created based on your own preferences and infused with lots of love and care.




  • The length and dates for your journey to Bali (TBC based on availability);
  • Your preferred accommodation style;
  • The experienced facilitators and healers you want to be supported by on your journey;
  • The workshops, sessions & activities from an authentic selection of the best that Bali has to offer;
  • Intensity of your customized itinerary, and even…
  • Budget category





And I’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a customized & detailed program and package, fully adapted to what serves you the most at this certain point of your life.

Kindly note: YOUniverse team reserves its rights to decline individual journey applications if the intentions are not aligned to our core values or compromise the authenticity of the experience in any way.



I know how a major change in life can shake your world and turn it upside down. I’ve been there myself, a painful divorce after 10 years of sharing life with my former husband. Thankfully, almost 4 years ago, I traveled to Ubud, Bali and decided to settle down here to heal and reconnect to my essence.

I tried every single possible healing session and activity that one could imagine: variety of yoga practices, local healing sessions and ancient ceremonies, Western spiritual activities, breathwork, healthy diets, temple ceremonies, sacred plants, sound healing, meditation, really all types of therapies, conscious gatherings & you name it! And trust me, Ubud is a spiritual hub, so there are enough healing activities to fill 6 months, from morning until evening and even a whole year. Funny enough, only a small percentage of all these intense activities proved to be truly beneficial, supported me to heal and fully regain my power after divorce. My intention is for other people who are going through a challenging time to experience all that makes a difference and more – to feel supported and guided through their process, to feel at home and dive only in authentic experiences, surrounded by professionals and by friends.



And because you are unique, your itinerary will be customised based only on your interests, preferences or curiosities. Nothing will be enforced on your journey, nothing that doesn’t feel relevant to you. Ok, maybe just one thing will… but I can’t imagine anyone saying no to it: Planting a Frangipani tree in a Balinese compound, because I believe each person who takes this journey to Bali should give something in return to this sacred land and its people. It is the only activity that is not optional and Bali will thank you for it, with its transformative loving energy.

I will personally assist you every day throughout your journey, set up all the activities, coordinate with all facilitators that are involved and gently guide you back to your essence. The only thing you will have to do is to fully enjoy yourself throughout your transformation! And believe me, there is nothing that brings me more fulfilment than to assist you to navigate your challenging process and witness your joy.

You’ll love it!

The island of the Gods is awaiting.

Lots of love,










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Sheryl, US

“I don’t know how I can thank you enough for everything that you have done for me. For all the activities, introducing me to your wonderful friends/team, giving me one of the greatest healing journey and adventure that I have experienced in my life. I’m thankful to God for sending you to me. You have been his instrument for my healing journey. He knew your heart and he directed me to you.
I felt… in pain, alone and lost… And all I wanted is to be healed. I am glad I saw the YOUniverse FB page and that they have an Individual Journey (Honeymoon with Yourself) program.
Full of uncertainties, not knowing what awaits for me, with an open heart and trusting the universe, I went to Ubud, Bali Indonesia and did an individual journey. That’s where I’ve met Cristina, the beautiful (inside and out) Co-Founder of YOUniverse who took wonderful care of me. I could not ask for anything else, she made sure that everything is organized.

Since I’ve landed on the island of the Gods every day, my heart was dancing with happiness. Happiness that I have never felt for a long time. It made me open my heart, my mind, my body and soul to different experiences.
I am thankful to Cristina who has a big heart and whose vision and mission is to help women. To let these women know that they are not alone.
My dear friend… yes, you who is hurting and in pain right now.
I’m excited for you, because I know in my heart that as you take this individual journey you will find “YOUrself’ and you will experience love again.”


Natalia, Brazil

“Amazing team, makes one not wanna leave the retreat! Everlasting relationships built up during one of the most joyful experiences I ever lived, in the most beautiful, peaceful, unforgettable scenario.”


Antonello, Italy

“This is a powerful physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience. Moreover, being surrounded and supported by people from different countries truly makes it a joyful and diverse journey. I strongly recommend YOUniverse Retreat and Ubud is the destination for healing and inner discovery, breathwork was my favorite activity that I am still practicing today. There is no possible way you could be disappointed with what you get to experience and learn, as long as you are opened to grow and widen your vision on life. 100% authentic. Greetings from Italy!”

Oana, Romania

“This journey will spark your spirit, make you feel renewed and inspired. If you are looking for a transformative journey in scenic Bali and deep long lasting connections with beautiful people, then this retreat is for you. Magical Ubud, a sacred place that has gained my heart for good + Youniverse Revival Retreat, a heart centered initiative, created by a group of amazing people. A powerful mix that I strongly recommend!”

Ovidiu, Romania

“The program is well organised and you can feel the love and care that is being invested in it, you are taking part of different types of daily activities, meditation sessions, workshops, parties etc. The accommodation is private and spectacular, jungle all around, but as soon as you go by the infinity pool or the river pool, you are surrounded by people.
You will meet beautiful people from all over the world and I think it’s not an exaggeration when I say some of these will be friends for lifetime. I am recommending the Youniverse journey to my friends back home who are looking for an authentic retreat for a well deserved reset.”

Shaida, Kazakhstan

“I recommend this journey 100%, it brings balance, joy, a clear vision, self awareness and the fact that it all happens in Ubud – Bali is the perfect mix, as this is the number one destination to go to for spiritual practices.”



Alyne, US

“A collection of people who help you remember how to love yourself and your life! Based in a beautiful place with amazing vibes that can really change your life. Xxx”



Know someone who could benefit from this transformational healing journey in Bali? Feel free to refer us, so we can give a helping hand.