Power of Your Words: Speak With Intention

Power of Your Words: Speak With Intention

Commonly, we are not aware of the power that words inherit and how they are the first manifestation of our thoughts into perceived reality.

Most of us talk all day long. And most of us are not aware of the majority of words that we are uttering. We just babble – out of habit, urge, and compulsion. And yet, in paying so little attention to what leaves our mouths we miss out on comprehending how we influence and shape our surrounding according to our inside and vice versa.

Our world forms according to our words. How is that so? Words are spoken, thus densified thoughts. They materialize what we are thinking through the frequency of sound. As soon as a word leaves our mouth it travels as sound waves to leave an impact on both, the sender and the receiver. Words are thoughts sent out and being received through physical means, meaning our senses. As concentrated thought, they influence whatever they get in touch with.


Probably you are aware by now that words and thoughts form our perception and our reality. We perceive, experience and behave according to our mind filters which are set in place by the thoughts we entertain primarily. Picture it like paths in your brain, formed by neurons. The more often you use a path, the broader and more deeply engraved it gets. Until it turns into a highway.

Your personally shaped highways are responsible for your main experiences – for how you perceive, interpret and process information given to you by either your surrounding or inspiration. Then again, what you perceive influences who you are, how you think, speak and act.

Why it is so important to choose your words wisely? Because you have the power – by choosing your words – to change your reality. You can experience what you want to instead of being at the mercy of what randomly hits your senses. Repeated thoughts and especially words turn into beliefs. Beliefs shape who we are and what builds around us. You see that words have a direct and powerful influence on our experience and personality.


The way you use your words has an impact. Regarding your choice of words as well as your tone of speaking. Because words carry a certain range of vibration – vibration coming with personal emotional imprint and association of context, and collective vibration that is already embedded in a word. Imagine words as clusters of layered energetic information transmitted through sound. Feel the power and potential that lies in them?

More than the word itself though matters the specific way you send it out into the world. What you breathe into a word can overwrite and change its frequency. I other words, intent shapes a word’s energetic structure and composition as well as how it is sent and received. Your intention of speaking, meaning directing energy towards another has a direct effect on them and on yourself in the same.

Eventually, it will be a mix of a conscious choice of wording and deliberately directing specific energy that puts you in a position of causing damage or healing.  Of bringing joy or pain, again – to yourself and another. The choice of purpose is up to you. And with that in mind and heart: Would you not rather opt for enhancing wellbeing and happiness?


Generally, especially in conversation, it is beneficial to take a breath into silence before responding. You want to receive the energy that you are offered from another instead of just bouncing it back. You want to integrate it into your personal alignment before offering something valuable in return.

The pause before the next sentence – not just to decide whether to speak or not but also to choose how to speak, is a game changer. It equals taking responsibility and setting desired frequency instead of just blurting all your thoughts out. Moreover, it allows you to speak from a centered place, from your heart.

Silence allows us to filter, sort, process and integrate, then to reset and reply in tune with the other. The “non-word” is our chance to clear ourselves, to tap into our own infinity and open up to divine inspiration – be it during conversation or alone time where we step out of our stream of thoughts for a moment. That is how we fluidly dance with the energies within and around us, how we create a meaningful experience.

Now, being more aware of what words can do and hold, choose and use your words to create a great experience. One filled with respect, active listening and speaking while nourishing joy. Give out what you want to be returned to you.

Written by Elena from YOUniverse Community 

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