Divorce Story Wins YOUniverse Revival Retreat in Bali

Divorce Story Wins YOUniverse Revival Retreat in Bali

“Honeymoon with Your Self” Retreat

9 days Retreat, September 10 – September 18, Bali

Dear Story Tellers & Beloved YOUniverse Members,

On the 21st of May we launched our contest on Facebook, inviting all of you out there who have experienced a painful separation or a divorce to share a short story revealing how this has impacted you, what you have learned out of it.

And we really didn’t imagine what was about to come… The stories that you’ve shared are beyond beautiful. Your life lessons are incredible, some can easily bring one to tears, while others ignite hope, laughter and a whole rainbow of emotions.

Each story is unique just as you are, but they all flow from the same essence: LOVE, COURAGE, WISDOM, showing us how important it is to come together as a loving community, to hold safe space, to lift each other up, share and grow brighter with each challenge.

We honor each and every one of you for sharing your truth and inspiring so many souls who are going through the same thing. We were taken through all sorts of emotions while reading them, so thank YOU all for sharing.

The AWARD of inspiring thousands of hearts is YOURS

You can read all the shared stories HERE. May your words reach and inspire many hearts who are going through the same thing, so feel free to SHARE this article with your friends, you might be helping someone who is processing a separation to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it is enough to know “I am not alone” and one story that is seen at the right time can truly change lives. Imagine the potential of 127 authentic heartfelt stories. So let’s unite, spread the love and be messengers of light!


I am so grateful for this space and all you have created in your offerings. Rather than being about any one person winning, it is of course about all of us coming together and exploring our hearts and experiences together. It has truly filled me with joy to read all of these heartfelt and outstandingly insightful stories of uncovering the beloved within, of discovering that we are never alone, and that truly we are all of the same divine source. Through your work you are encouraging humanity to see self in the perceived ”Other” and to support one another in this magic Earth walk. Thank you, everyone, for such beautiful expressions of your precious hearts! With love ever-unfolding, Joia.”

Joia Holman

Thank you, Joia. Here at YOUniverse we just came up with the next contest topic, being inspired by your words: A Message Of Gratitude – “To The One Who Supported me Through a Painful Separation”. When the moment comes for another Bali Retreat Giveaway, gratitude will be the theme and you… our enchanting muse. 🙂

Now let’s All Unite in Joy and take a moment to Celebrate OUR SHORT STORY WINNER!




Cassie Sousa: “Separation from my partner has taught me that no person escapes this life without experiencing loss. Loss and love are the universal uniters of our human experience, and they drastically alter the lens through which we see the world. 

I married poorly, allowing my past scars and my ex-husband to dictate my worth. After six years in an abusive marriage, I somehow found the strength to leave. 
I began going to therapy. It was hard facing feelings of worthlessness, but I learned to value my inherent worth and to stand on my own two feet again.

Until the day I didn’t have to; Andrew came into my life, making me feel safe and unconditionally loved. It was the kind of love you’re lucky to experience once in a lifetime – let alone twice. I lost him in a tragic accident a month ago and have felt lost ever since. I know he’ll help me find my way, and is helping me in the ways that he can from the other side. 

In the meantime, I have been comforted most by those people who are intimately acquainted with loss. Complete strangers have held my hand, and we mourn the loss of love together. It is terrible and beautiful at the same time.”

Beloved Cassie,

Today we are celebrating YOU and we feel truly honored to receive you on this magical healing journey in Bali! You have touched our hearts with your inner strength and the way you vibrantly radiate all that you are. Thank you for answering this call from YOUniverse and sharing your story.

You will be our angel guest on September 10 for 9 days and will join a group of like-minded men and women from all over the world on this healing journey of revival in Bali, where we will dive into our inner ocean of miracles and possibilities.

All benefits and itinerary per days can be found by clicking HERE.

Cassie, you will enjoy it all for FREE! 🙂

Please send us your email address via PM on our Page or at retreats@youniverserevival.com, so we can make all necessary arrangements and truly looking forward to meeting you in person!

WE STILL HAVE 6 SPOTS LEFT FOR THIS RETREAT (September 10 – September 18, 2019, Bali)

Of course, only one story could have won a spot at our retreat in Bali, although we were left wanting to award every single one of you. You are All Stories Worth Loving! Still, we have good news for some of you storytellers who truly feel like being part of this magical journey.

We are keeping the Early Bird Discount (saving 820euros) available for our all-inclusive retreat for every single one of you who participated in our contest. If you feel called to join us in Bali on this transformational retreat, we still have 6 spots available and we are committed to keeping the discount active for you if you were part of our short story sharing. However, we do have to limit it to the number of available retreat spots and prioritize in the order of registration.

You can access all details and registration form by clicking HERE.

We honor you all for sharing your truth and we would like to thank each and every one of you for being part of this initiative and our YOUniverse Community. Special thanks also go to our beloved Dear Alyne for her constant support.

May we continue to inspire each other to live life changing experiences for many years to come!

If you would like to be updated regarding our Events and future Giveaways and be the first one to know what we are up to, feel free to subscribe to Our YOUniverse Newsletter.

Lots of love from Bali,

YOUniverse Team



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