STORY: Why Bali Kept My Heart For Good

STORY: Why Bali Kept My Heart For Good

In September 2015 I made a dream come true that had lasted for many years. I finally traveled to Bali the first time, to stay 7 weeks. That was three and a half years ago at this point in time. Premonition told me that I would fall in love with Bali and move there but I didn’t just want to jump at it right away, so I got a return ticket. Obviously, what I had sensed found confirmation once I had arrived.

I went directly to Ubud with my laptop and pen tablet in my bag, as I work online and typically don’t do vacations but living, diving deeply into everything at once. I love to get to know locals and explore their culture – simply because human beings, their habits, patterns and comprehending them are a passion of mine.

Now, you may wonder, what is so special about Bali and specifically about Ubud? What is it that keeps so many people staying and so many others visiting and revisiting? Of course, everybody experiences differently and so the reasons vary.


That includes the realization that there is nothing to be healed but the perception of not already being whole. With the incredible variety of activities, workshops, retreats touching upon so many different areas, the way into deeper self-realization is opened up easily. And the options of self-exploration are abundant.

If it’s meeting interesting people from all over the world, making new friends – for moments or a lifetime… or getting in touch with different mindsets, learning new things. If it’s the amazing bandwidth of activities, indulging in a stunning range of healthy food options… or discovering unknown things about yourself… You cannot really escape your healing here.

Alongside, the breathtaking beauty of nature has an amazing effect on the energy field of our bodies. It is balancing and readjusting the system through the elements of steady climate, of jungle and ocean being present in the same.


Living in Bali is like living between modern and past. It merges contrasts and offers integration of otherwise as separately perceived poles. Hence, healing naturally takes place on obvious and subtle levels. Even if one is not aware of it at all.

However, the energy in the center of the island is so clear and distinct that it’s hard not to sense it. With intrigue, I witness it affecting everyone I meet in the best possible ways. I see people coming to clarity while they are around. At times they need to walk through confusion first but lastly, they always find a way leading them closer to their heart.

Because life can be lived in such simple ways here, it is easier to declutter and focus on what is necessary only. With the realization of not needing much the process of clearing out space – inwards and outwards – is elicited naturally. I see that the fewer distractions I have around me, the more my heart opens up. Thus, life and creation flow through me into my surroundings.


And then there are the locals so easily opening their hearts to sharing their island, souls, homes, and culture with foreigners. Most of them are characterized by childlike kindness, openness, and sweetness. And their dedication to their culture, their families, and their religion deeply woven into everyday activities is fascinating. Simply because we Westerners don’t know life in this fashion.

Living between the worlds is enriching. Further, integrating so many cultural aspects – through local and foreign people equally – offers a wide spectrum to be alive in. Here we get to unfold sides of ourselves that we haven’t known before. And I get to pursue what I love most: Art and exploring the hearts of people.

Ubud has a long tradition in art, especially painters and craftsmen. Woodcarvers, stone-carvers, and silversmiths are at home here and show in their stunning, infectious works of art. Apart from that, the daily offerings done by the women are pieces of art themselves. Testimonials of a sense for beauty and incredulous diligence.

Everything here is sensual – meaning touching and opening all senses – and alive. Providing a fullness of experiencing life that is unmatched. And while I don’t live only here permanently any longer, the purifying and cleansing effect of this magical island always calls me back.

Written by Elena from YOUniverse Community 

More about Elena, YOUniverse:

Elena was born in Bavaria, southern Germany and raised in Portugal, Berlin, and Munich. She has been exploring living on Madeira Island, the southern Andes of Ecuador and the tropics during the past seven years.
Her days are filled with witnessing, listening to and facilitating life stories of different cultures while living her own, which has always been tied closely to the experiences of others.

Elena likes to fly high and dive deep. She radiates love and joy, loves to laugh and to support others in making their dreams come true, through naturally calling them into their truth and full expression.

She has consciously carried and expressed her natural gifts of artistic creation, eliciting transformation and wisdom of the shaping of the human psyche and the universe during all her life. Having deliberately experienced the emotional depth of shadow and light in intensity she works as a counsellour, artist, illustrator, and writer in different areas. She is always guided by her heart and her burning passion for seeing human beings unfold into their gifts, for calling extrasensory impressions into the beauty of art and for exploring as well as comprehending the nature of reality.

Elena intuitively designs and inks Sacred Tattoos, writes articles about realization, poetry and lyrics, draws and paints manifold works of art as to catch ripples of the unexpressed, yet unseen. Further, she illustrates ideas and stories to capture the essence of joy for children and loves to tell stories in images – through comics, graphic novels, and intricate, layered artworks.

She dedicates a lot of her time to raising awareness about frequency, leading you back into your heart, and consciously reminds of the deep joy of being utterly alive.

She studied communication design and is certified in Reiki level 1 and 2.

Elena loves to breathe life, to embody spirit as deeply as she can and to help others in coming alive in their truest expression. Her highest joy is to ignite joy and wholeness in another, to enable feeling and experiencing and to give from the fullness of love.

Deeply empathic and comprehending her commitment is to love, compassion, truth and authenticity.

She sees YOUniverse Revival as such a beautiful chance for you to reconnect with yourself at depth, redefine who you want to be in this world and rise into deeply loving yourself in all your aspects. To hold space for yourself and your authentic expression of the moment. She desires for you to share the gift of your universe with the world.

She perceives the sensation of separation as a soul journey away from our Origin as to experience various aspects of Self and as an invitation to become whole again in different ways than priorly known.

Hence she would classify it as an integrative process of enrichment in sensing the variety of emotion – of energy moving through our various bodies.

Elena says: „Separation is feeling disconnected from ourselves in higher form. I want to raise awareness on how we project this onto our entire relating and offer suggestions of how we can come back into wholeness as to relate from a better feeling, rather nourishing point of view.“

All her experiences of separation she has integrated into the invitation to come home into the all of herself.

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