Why Is Ubud, Bali the No. 1 Healing Destination

Why Is Ubud, Bali the No. 1 Healing Destination

Ubud is the magical town at the core of the Island of the Gods, Bali’s living, beating heart. Rhythmically vibrating amidst rice paddies, sap green hills, steep valleys and surrounded by thirteen small villages.

Being home to both locals and foreigners, Ubud shows and shares a variety of intriguing influences and lifestyles. Thus, attracting a constant flow of visitors from all over the world, who want to get a taste of its enticing atmosphere.

Many well-known artists as writers, painters and musicians have been inspired by this place over time. Weaving its essence into their creative makings as to bring divine work into the world.


It is not only a place of concentrated art and culture. It has also been a very important place throughout history. Not at last for being a source for medicinal herbs where it also got its name from. Ubud is derived from the Balinese word ubad, which means medicine. Healing arts naturally have found their birth and flourishing life in the arms of such predestination.

But there is more to Ubud than the bare eye can see. It raises you to higher power and literally is a heart pulsating in the rhythm of transformation and alchemistic purification. As Bali is known for being one of the two spots where the two ley lines of our planet Earth cross, so Ubud is known among the people living here for carrying funneled energy eliciting awakening and change.

Be it for the belief in ley lines, be it for the energy the community of locals and foreigners co-create here – coming to Ubud you feel the difference and the power, even if you believe in nothing at all. You cannot escape the beauty of its touch. It captures you from the first breath and takes you through shedding the old and birthing the new, no matter how brief your moment in its embrace is meant to be.


Ubud is a place that pulls out the best and the worst of you. It amplifies all your emotions and experiences as for you to get aware, integrate and heal faster.

It confronts you with your lies and your truths, helps you to become conscious within the connection to yourself. As a result, you realize what you are made of. And eventually, it elicits your purification so that you gain clarity on who you are. And who you want to represent.

While its stunning nature opens your senses and the sweetness of the local people ignites your inner smile, it is the subtle field of love that finally fills your heart to the brim, cleanses your whole being and leaves you with new energetic pathways.

Bali is a bubble offering a different world, as soon as you enter it. Ubud is another bubble in itself leading you into your own core. Here you find what you are looking for, although it might not appear in the shape you expected. It might not even be easy to mirror yourself in such a clear way but surely – if you choose to surrender – you will come home into your heart in this place.


The intention of evolving your fragment of consciousness into the unwavering knowing and experience of oneness, of being whole. The intention of clearing your vision into a more crystalline perspective of reality.

Ubud’s gift of healing – of realizing wholeness – may not be light or short, yet it always appears magical. Simply because it is given through vibration and not mainly understood by how we are used to thinking.

This town bypasses the mind. It speaks the language of the heart and invites you to relearn and use the one of your own heart. It reminds you of your innate superpower as much as of your divine essence and grace.

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